Balancing Air B’n’B management with a full-time job just doesn’t work.

A full-time job or business in itself can be stressful enough. Although you may be full of enthusiasm at the beginning at the prospect of a second income by listing your home on air b’n’b, in the long run there is huge benefits to enlisting the services of a management company such as SmartHost. We’ve highlighted our 4 top reasons below, to help homeowners make informed decisions and maximise hidden profit in there properties.

Flexibility – Better meet the needs of your guests

In a global economy, people also want the easiest and least stressful process in travelling, often when doing so for business. If you’re working 9 to 5 or sporadically on business, its very hard to organise meeting guests with keys and arranging people’s arrival times. Not only that, enlisting help when people are lost or having difficulty in locating your property whilst you’re at work is more stress than it needs to be!

2) Time saving – organising clean up and solving problems

What if your scheduled cleaner is ill? What if something breaks that needs replacing immediately during office hours? What if your guests have a serious issue or require something additional? A management company can solve all of the problems that may arise and be available to guests throughout their stay. This allows your to relax in the knowledge guests are comfortable and in good hands, with their needs being accommodated.

3) Knowing what to look for – How would you screen your guests?

Management companies deal with many listings, guests and properties on a daily basis. We therefore know exactly what to look for, and can ensure the right guests are staying in your property. We know how to deal with complaints, problems and go beyond to help guests enjoy their stay. We have learnt from experience how to resolve situations specific to air b’n’b rentals and as such, can offer quick and cost-effective solutions to ensure your property is in safe hands.

4) Protecting your rep – maximising reviews to increase revenue

Feedback is the breakfast of champions! Good ratings are everything in an online community where people look to others via reviews to make informed decisions. Having great feedback on your profile is essential in generating bookings and SmartHost know exactly how to generate excellent reviews. The better the reviews, the more you can charge and the more bookings will come your way.

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