A new era of travel and hospitality has arrived. Savvy tourists often ask whether they should go for an Airbnb or a hotel and, for us, it’s an easy choice! Renting a serviced property with a tailored location is the best way to live like a local. SmartHost is here to make the short-term rental of your home easy and hassle-free, with your guests receiving a stellar management service.

Travellers have to juggle all sorts of factors to make the most of their long-awaited trip – accommodation being one of the biggest. SmartHost have come up with four reasons why travellers choose platforms like Airbnb over a hotel:


With the dizzying range of accommodation options around the world, guests can always find what they need, at a price they’re willing to pay.  Short-rents offer tourists a more tailored experience at a lower price, making holidays cheaper and more personalised. For example,  the Daily Mail reported that Airbnb guests in London save around $100 on hotel costs. Can’t argue with that!


Whether you’re a big family or a solo traveller, an Airbnb property can be tailored to you. You can bring pets, negotiate check-in times, self-cater with kitchen facilities and even invite friends for dinner like you’re a true local.

Specific Neighbourhood Experience

There’s no better way to go off the beaten path than with an Airbnb short-let. As hotels often plant you in a tourist centre, guests relish a slice of real local living. This way, you can discover all sorts of hidden gems that you would never have dreamed of!

Place To Socialise

Renting a private room with a host or other travellers not only saves you money, it helps you meet new people and discover new cultures. So, you won’t just be making yourself at home in the greatest city on Earth, you’ll be making friends.

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