How much can I earn by short-letting my London

flat with Airbnb, Homeaway and other platforms?


It is true that the closer the property is to the West End of London or other major attractions, the better. But, it doesn’t have to be Mayfair! Whether your property is near the river, museums, or a nightlife hot-spot, it can be attractive to visitors. Even if your home is a little out of the way, proximity to a key Tube stop would be enough to bring in customers.


Many visitors come in groups, a bigger property will boost value. Guests often calculate the price-per-room, or price-per-person. So, if your home has two bedrooms, you could double earnings from just one.


Do you have a roof terrace, working hot tub, garden, big-screen TV, high-speed internet or free parking? Such benefits are highly desirable to guests and will drive income.


Anything from a lick of fresh paint and modern equipment to pretty curtains can be the neat touch you need to push a booking over-the-line. Our photographer will make your home look beautiful, but we’ll advise on small improvements to give your listing extra-edge.


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